the sysetm


Sugar Triangle

Picked up, pulled away – dropped off
Whips cracked, flesh cut, lives lost

Baths boiling with sugar
The writhing wretches reel
Torture traitors by tearing tree
Barbarism supporting profitability

Ivory towers set concrete in crimson mud

Racially Cleansed

Racially cleansed, genetically pure,
Doctors have gone and we can’t find a cure,
Disease of the mind a stagnant gene pool,
Nothing is different and there’s nothing more cruel,
For what has been done we thought we knew,
But now we face an extinction queue.

A Nightmare Begins

My nightmares begin, I cannot condone,
For what I have done I must now disown,
A vision, a memory of what has transgressed,
I quenched my thirst on an evil temptress.

I have become what she did create,
And my lust is now equal only to my hate,
The mirror burns, I cannot look,
I only see the hollow, from which she took.

My sanguine addiction: my only care.
On the blood stained alter I’d sit and stare.
Fantasies undone. And undead;
Their unholy screams echo in my head.

Sex is primal, I see myself there.
And from a distance. From My alter;
I may only sit and stare.

Life’s conquest.
I cannot cope.
An unspoken mission;
Without hope.

Destitution…. A painful fear.
The debauch seductress;
Sheds and unwanted tear.

A savage world;
Raped and scared many times.
We look for prophetic men;
To lead the blind.