This brilliant love tanka

This brilliant love

Courageously simple

Fired with energy

Tempered with play and laughter

We dare to reach for the stars

And they will walk in your shade

You will walk in the breath of giants,
Where only angels dare to soar.

And whilst turning your eyes to heaven,
You’ll dance with the devils below.

All creation will know your name,
For it will be uttered with the revered.

And when you cast a shadow,
Great men will walk in the shade.


Fatherhood is like the sparks from the undercarriage of a subway train
Hinting of power whilst conjuring fear.
Fatherhood is like the sound of thunder where no lightening appears,
Majestic, warmth.
Fatherhood is like dancing through a sudden snowfall
Enveloping where new light glints,
When chilling realities transform into miraculous merriment.
Fatherhood is like the devil in me,
Mockingly reflected back in a fleshy mirror.
Fatherhood is the kisses that the boy wipes clean,
Given freely and taken back with impish glee.
Fatherhood is everything I’ve come to be,
Wrapped in a blanket of this loving family.
But fatherhood is a magician’s trick,
Practiced for an age,
Where a pedestal is raised from life’s grim dirt,
Where a man exudes the strength of polished bronze,
A perfect mirage of exemplary masculinity,
With the knowledge that when as equals they meet,
To his feet this sandy dirt will fall,
And with it the death of a man,
For in my eyes, he’ll see a boy.

unfinished poem – must finish

My love is an engulfing storm
And the calm thereafter.
My love is the best in me
And the very worst.

My love is all unquenched power
But it’s fragile to your touch.
My love speaks with silence
When words become worthless.

My love finds clues and answers
Wending in an emnbrace,
In glanced cheeks, in knowing smiles,
In the contours of your face.

My love is polished marble,
With a countenance as to admit
The things that cling to darkness,
Those suggesting promise.

My love sits in eternity
More permanent than anything carved in stone.
My love is our hurtling destiny
Whether I’m with you or alone.

It goes on

And those friends go away,
The ones you had yesterday,
The ones with whom you had history.
As your life evolves and resolves.

Looking through your parents’ eyes,
Hearing children cry.
Wondering when you said goodbye
To your childhood,
It lasted longer than you thought.

And those friends go away,
The ones you had yesterday,
The ones with whom you share history,
The ones with whom you walk everyday.

And so I’ll speak boldly of destiny,
And of friendships and family.
Until next we meet dear friends.

I declare my love (from Tennessee)

I declare my love once more,
But it’s lost to your ears,
Whispered to the darkness. 
I declare my love once more,
As though the world hears,
As though it may touch your heart.
I declare my love once more.
From half the world away,
From this night of day,
I declare to you right here now:
If the end of the world was here,
If society was broken beyond repair,
If humanity was engulfed by fear and despair,
I would find my way back to you.
So I could declare my love to you there.


How distant that love now seems,
Put away with photos to gather dust.
How strange and unreal it all now seems,
Eight and a half years, a house, a ring,
A caricatured effigy of me for me.
How odd time can seem,
A progressive linear reasoned history.
How changed the world can be,
When those reasoned illusions of reality,
Prove themselves to be fragile ornaments,
Like blown glass baubles on the festively dead tree,
The ones the cat likes to bat that crash and smash so easily.

How unreal is reality?
When the hurting minutes become weeks and then months past.
When the streaming tears that cried rivers don’t last.
When you realise that the world’s not the same,
But the same and you’ve changed,
And the change within you came to pass,
Without a poignant moment for you to point at.

And you thought you’d never love again?
How strange is that?!
Before long you’re watching your new lovers back,
Sleeping – dreaming of countless wonders,
It’s hard to remember those other slumbers,
Witnessed for so very long,
Strong as those feelings were, they’ve gone.

How humbling existence is to me,
A thin strand between ego and humility.
How strange it all is?
This life we lead?

I’m not an expert in these things, should anyone be?

A Smile

He smiles uncontrollably to himself
Waking passions and thoughts rise to the fore
Memories losing their significance
Happy within himself once more

Rolled back and out of sight the timely mists
The haunting spectres of that loathsome man
Beaten back and broken with self awareness
Never to torment his soul again

Naked beauty radiates contentedness
Over all things he saw
Fraternal greetings from this lonely man
But he’s not lonely anymore

Go on
Smile sweetly as you walk along your path
The only moment you have is now
Take strength in what has come to pass
Enjoy life, you’re allowed.

Beached Dream

Erroneous thoughts flap and billow free
Tied fast to a thousand linear threads
From below they echo grey clouds above
Suspended over vacant sandy ground

Beached Dream recklessly listing to one side
Awaiting an encounter to break free
Strains and stresses audibly creak and groan
Beached Dream’s slowly deteriorating

Even the clearest and fine day there’s mist
The horizon blurred by waiting vapour
Always ready to roll in then engulf
When you’re on your knees and can walk no farther

The sandy grains clump between ugly toes
And sit heavily on top of tired feet
Eternal beach head and the sea afore
Constitutes this wanderers Calvary

Only the thoughts that flap and billow free
Offer up a clear opportunity
Take hold of those wayward strands and threads
Set sail on the unknown trajectory

This Great Love

This great love.
Now dusty and archived.
Once lively with the joy of the future possibilities,
Hangs like a brake beneath me.

I wander as in a perpetuum of my dreams,
Unable to break this cycle of loneliness,
Unable to establish meaning for my life,
I’ seeing this existence as though I’m no longer a participant.

He longs to feel the warm sun of another’s passion raising him,
To reciprocate. He’s known this previously,
He’s felt the wholeness that comes with knowing someone else is there,
He’s given as much back.
When did he loose that?
Does that feeling not emanate towards him still?
When did he stop reciprocating?

I wander in a perpetuum of my dreams,
Looking to my thoughts for solace,
Looking to my thoughts for a sign,
I need to make a move and make a change.

That great love.
Where did I put you?
And where is the next volume?
The one that talks of freedom, passions, feeling.