looking back


Sugar Triangle

Picked up, pulled away – dropped off
Whips cracked, flesh cut, lives lost

Baths boiling with sugar
The writhing wretches reel
Torture traitors by tearing tree
Barbarism supporting profitability

Ivory towers set concrete in crimson mud


He needed an excuse for heroism,
He feared being tricked by sarcasm,
There was no real doubt that He would travel there,
And stand beside His friends against any foe that came near.

Twilight Takes Hold

Twilight takes hold and the feasting begins,
A celebration of our pagan rites,
Osseous kingdom of pain,
And we shall burn in the flames,
Satanic verse to be chanted tonight.

A cavalcade will come,
The charge of Thunder will be done,
Lupine cries pierce the midnight air,
Sweet red wine on her lips,
And my hands on her hips,
And the fragrance of sodden hair.

Faces go by, Our victims do cry,
Temptation sweeps through the night,
Propensity to hate and be destroyed,
Contrasts to the vulpine fight.

We enter into Eden through the gates of despair,
To pluck the fruit from the tree,
Take one bite, climb another height,
I shall give a florid memor’ of me.

The multitude close upon the fire,
We inhale deep the wood-smoke,
Our vision speak prophecy,
Of malice and of human slump.

Dawn takes hold, and our cycle concludes,
We whisper requirements for the dead,
Remembering what has been done,
And what our twisted prophets have said.

Jaded Woodland

Jaded woodland and the freshest of air,
The pulsating mass stands in an erondus square,
Demons aloft swoop to answer the call,
Our victims scream as they’re clawed and malled.

The virgins body hangs and makes no sound,
Her throat is cut and blood’s dripping down,
Maggots in her mouth, feeding on her gut,
Wolves at her feet, chewing on her foot.

Questioning Desire

I’ve held off when I knew the time was right,
I’ve seen more than the shell that is my disguise,
I just can’t take advantage
As I normally would have done,
I want more now than fulfilment,
And that’s probably why I’m undone.

How should I answer a declaration of love?
When all I feel for and understand is desire?

The evil in me is not as it was,
Once I would do just to be done,
I’m just a passenger on life’s train,
But I no longer see people as objects to be won.

Maybe I am wrong,
That rape is the way it has to be,
For all I have done,
Maybe my soul is still pure and clean.

Gothic Delusions

I toast the name in my mind,
My legs feel weak I stumble blind,
Does she know how I do yearn?
And again, not just as friends,
Her trust I wish to earn.

It’s been too long, I’ve let time pass,
I pray she’ll join me for a poignant Black Mass,
Thoughts, my limitation I’ve let it take hold,
We can’t just be friends until we grow old.

Something more

Ive been described as addictive,
Another jewel in my crown.
My movements are cryptic,
And my friends all frown.

And it’s happened before,
And it’ll happen again,
I’m sure I’ll change with the onset of age;
My reputation must go.
I am now sure,
I need someone with more than just a scented allure.