A Smile

He smiles uncontrollably to himself
Waking passions and thoughts rise to the fore
Memories losing their significance
Happy within himself once more

Rolled back and out of sight the timely mists
The haunting spectres of that loathsome man
Beaten back and broken with self awareness
Never to torment his soul again

Naked beauty radiates contentedness
Over all things he saw
Fraternal greetings from this lonely man
But he’s not lonely anymore

Go on
Smile sweetly as you walk along your path
The only moment you have is now
Take strength in what has come to pass
Enjoy life, you’re allowed.

Mr Moon

Through the darkness, the moonlight cuts
A lonely gaze which I return;
Two friends greet each other once more,
Stoic; intimate: cold light burn.

Weary wanderer watches us.
The hoariest of observers,
Mankind’s patient companion.

A cold caress illuminates,
Gentle benevolence, the hushed
Pale faces, once florid now sleep.

I lay silent; enamoured with
The nocturnally present sphere.
Wondrous patterns creep around me.

A shadow emerges above,
There’s a recess in the plaster;
Great cavernous voids open up,
Like my friend’s pocked facial features.

Through nights of cloud or crisp cold air,
The giant alabaster stare,
Onward with the journey path,
I track progress o’er a starry cloth.

This sight; that light; another night.

Chased once again in a bluing morn.
Restfully, retreating raging dawn.

The World With Me

A delicate whisper,
Like the breeze through the trees.

Look at me.

Sit down with me.
Sit in the woods,
Sit on the leaves.

Close you eyes,
Close your hands around mine.

Breathe deep,
Breathe in the world.

Dank, odoriferous, autumn.

Now shut it out.
Now ignore my pulse.


Feel the edge of you,
Feel the edge of me.


Let go.

Now do you feel what I feel?

No beginning,
No end.
No edge of you,
No edge of me.

Swirling vortices,

All encompassing – connected.

Just one.

Just being.


He needed an excuse for heroism,
He feared being tricked by sarcasm,
There was no real doubt that He would travel there,
And stand beside His friends against any foe that came near.