The World With Me

A delicate whisper,
Like the breeze through the trees.

Look at me.

Sit down with me.
Sit in the woods,
Sit on the leaves.

Close you eyes,
Close your hands around mine.

Breathe deep,
Breathe in the world.

Dank, odoriferous, autumn.

Now shut it out.
Now ignore my pulse.


Feel the edge of you,
Feel the edge of me.


Let go.

Now do you feel what I feel?

No beginning,
No end.
No edge of you,
No edge of me.

Swirling vortices,

All encompassing – connected.

Just one.

Just being.


He needed an excuse for heroism,
He feared being tricked by sarcasm,
There was no real doubt that He would travel there,
And stand beside His friends against any foe that came near.